About Us


Thunder Bay Estate Sales (SHOPPE) is located at 2015 Metcalfe Avenue – Thunder Bay, ON Canada

We PURCHASE house/shed/garage contents!

The items we purchase we RE-SELL.  These items are in good to excellent condition, vintage, new & used looking for their 

forever homes.  Our goal at Thunder Bay Estate Sales is to keep Estate contents from going to the landfill 

and when purchased can be enjoyed for years to come.


Why Thunder Bay Estate Sales?

* Friendly Team of Motivated Staff

* Compassionate Service

* We Offer a Fair price for the Estate Contents

* WSIB / Fully insured

* Full Estate Clean Outs 

Jennifer & Sean Hall - Owners of Thunder Bay Estate Sales Inc.

Jennifer & Sean Hall were born and raised in this great city of Thunder Bay.  Jennifer grew up in Fort William and Sean grew up in Port Arthur, opposite sides of the City.  We are both making our dreams come true servicing Thunder Bay with Estate Sales.  We have been offering this service for over 3 years plus we have about 5 years experience selling merchandise in Thunder Bay by purchasing Storage Units.  The re-selling has taught us the market in our great city and what items sell for.  We advertise and sell on many sites to include Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Etsy, and Ebay.    We have a clientele who reach out to us and let us know what they are looking for and when we have that item they are the first we call.  We are very family oriented and have a blended family with 4 great kids and 2 really sweet dogs.